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RE: Kaiser HIV/AIDS report (8)

Dear Christian and other list members:

Many thanks to everyone for the kind words and support.

Regarding forwarding these messages: I received a verbal O.K. from 
the editors at Kaiser to forward the e-mail to listservs that were 
non-profit and for information only. A general copyright is not ap-
propriate because I don't think they would be too keen on unlimited 
redistribution, especially for commercial purposes. Also credit 
should always be given to Kaiser, and information on how to subscribe 
to all their services.

I had become a little lax about leaving all the footer information on 
the bottoms of e-mails, mainly because I cut and past only the Africa 
bits. I will be sure to include it from now on, though. My experience 
with the Kaiser group has been overwhelmingly positive -- they seem 
to genuinely care about the information reaching as wide an audience 
as possible. I think restrained forwarding with proper credit is o.k. 
-- and if anyone has specific questions they can contact the group 

Thanks again to everyone for their interest. 

Best wishes,

Cecilia Snyder

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