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AFRO-NETS> Re: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report (7)

Re: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report (7)

Dear Cecilia,

I think too that your compilations on HIV/AIDS news are wonderful, 
and it's hard work! In the first issue that appeared on AFRO-NETS 
(was it on 16 Feb 2001?), there was a footer with a copyright 
<<c 2001 by National Journal Group Inc. and Kaiser Family Foundation. 
All rights reserved>>. But sometimes in mid-April the copyright dis-
appeared. Does this mean that you encourage its free distribution 
and/or translation into other languages? In such case wouldn't a pub-
lic copyright, one that clearly passes all the rights to the general 
public, be helpful, e.g.: <<GP(c) General Public Copyright, may be 
copied, adapted, translated as long as it remains under General Pub-
lic Copyright. Acknowledgements when the media makes it feasible are 
encouraged but not mandatory (e.g. citation, URL, version number, 

This would encourage readers to print and to distribute to popula-
tions who don't have access to the Internet, or even to translate 
into other languages, without having to ask for permission each time.

With thanks,

Christian Labadie

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