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AFRO-NETS> Re: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report (3)

Re: Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report (3)

Hello List:

I am glad that people find these forwarded messages helpful. As Dieter 
Neuvians mentioned, you can subscribe to the reports directly at:
however, a lot of the information is not specifically related to Af-
rica. I am more than happy to continue providing the Africa-related 
excerpts, but am also sensitive to contributing to e-mail build-up. If 
at some point it is decided to discontinue these postings, I would be 
happy to continue sending it out to individuals. Also, for those who 
want more rather than less e-mails, CCMC monitors action on and media 
coverage of reproductive health, international family planning, saving 
women's lives, population, environment, etc. 

Please e-mail me directly at <> if you are interested 
in these topics or go directly to: 

For right now, I will plan on continuing the postings to AFRO-NETS; 
and I'll try to keep the e-mails reasonable! 

Best wishes,

Cecilia Snyder
Senior Project Associate
Communications Consortium Media Center (CCMC)
1200 New York Ave NW Suite 300
Washington DC 20005-1754, USA
Tel: +1-202-326-8711
Fax: +1-202-682-2154 

[Since we had 2 positive and no negative voices about the postings we 
shall continue distributing them via AFRO-NETS. DN Mod.]

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `<>'.
Mail administrative requests to `<>'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `<>'.

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