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AFRO-NETS> Study urges overhaul of UN, IMF, World Bank (2)

Study urges overhaul of UN, IMF, World Bank (2)

> Governing Globalization: don't wait for crisis before reforming 
> key institutions, experts warn. Study urges overhaul of UN, IMF,
> World Bank 

Hello Claudio,

If human rights need a global government, then there is something 
much simpler in order to implement them, something that most verte-
brates, not just humans, but also other living beings capable of 
thinking, of despairing, of feeling, of judging situations or even of 
saving lives, have been given by nature:

        a heart.

It sounds childish perhaps, but in one word it would summarise the 
direction into which moralist philosophers such as Vladimir Jank?-
l?vitch engaged: forgiveness, treaties on the virtues, etc.

It came from a sad observation. Whether in the German extermination 
camps or in the Japanese biological weapon research units (I think it 
was coined the unit 731 and was located in China during World War II 
to test biological weapons on human), etc., simple soldiers accepted 
to execute horrible orders: such as extracting biological weapons 
from human blood.

Against such things, there are no laws, no rights, no governments, no 
organisations that can help when a soldier is left alone with an or-
der. Only individuals confronted with these situations whether at the 
work place, in laboratories, on battle fields, in financial institu-
tions, etc., can make a difference, because they find the strength to 
listen to what their heart is saying: the strength to say "no".

If human rights recognise intellectual pseudo-property rights as a 
fundamental one, but no need to prevent suicide, then I do think we 
could easily forget the whole human rights package. Suicide has be-
come a cornerstone of segregation today in developed and developing 
countries, it is indirectly used to push people aside: it is their 
only option left. If all resources are concentrated in a few hands, 
if simple humans are left with violated rights, and if human rights 
activists conclude that a suicide is an individual freedom, then it 
is easy to see how suicide becomes a great way to exterminate un-
wanted populations, left-overs, etc, and to frighten to death others 
into compliance.

Yesterday Germany decided to drop legal safeguards against the abomi-
nation, and allowed for pure economical reasons (to sustain invest-
ments made recently by Germany in the genetic economy) to allow re-
search on "Stammzellen" (human embryo). Prof. Jacques Testart stopped 
his research almost two decades ago, because he had foreseen that the 
"gene desire" would lead to the most barbaric human right abuse: 
women and/or parents feeling obliged to produce "sustainable" human 
beings. These "grands machins", as de Gaulle coined them, (big 
things) such as the UN, the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO, the NATO, 
are a great opportunity for analysts to push concepts away from the 
people. If Germany takes this step, it is not because Chancellor 
Schroeder understands something about genetics, but it is because he 
reads reports saying that he needs to take such and such measure in 
order to create jobs. But who writes these reports? Who thinks for 
the world?

The amazing progress made on HIV/AIDS recently isn't the product of 
the World Bank, the IMF, McKinsey, UNAIDS, Bill Gates' clemency, but 
it was two simple HIV-positive persons last summer that forced the 
world to make a U-turn: Zackie Achmat (38 years old) and Nkosi John-
son (12 years old).

Thus I don't believe in human rights declarations, but I believe that 
writing about it, educating each other -- as you do Claudio -- is a 
wonderful way to achieve more and not just for human suffering but 
also for animal suffering. Let us not forget that animals are the 
most endangered beings today.

Recently Mary Robinson suggested that she could do more outside the 
UN than within.

Thanks for your thoughts Claudio :-)

Christian Labadie

Suggested link: Non Aligned Movement, representing the interests and 
aspirations of the developing world:

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