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What's New at the Gates Children's Vaccine Program at PATH

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Perceptions About Injections and Private Sector Injection Practices 
in Central Nepal
This eye-opening report documents injection practices in private 
pharmacies, clinics, and, sometimes, teashops! The data provide a 
fascinating glimpse into "the culture of injection in Nepal."

Vaccines' Safety, Morality Hit Home for Girl's Parents 
Suzanne and Leonard Walther of Murfreesboro had serious concerns 
about the safety and morality of vaccines -- some of which were de-
veloped years ago from aborted fetal tissue. So when their third 
child, Mary Catherine, was born last year, they decided not to have 
her immunized until they could get their questions answered. Then, a 
week before her first birthday on July 19, Mary Catherine was 
stricken with a form of meningitis that could have been prevented by 
a vaccine.

Reaching Every Child on Earth 
Carol Bellamy explains why "there is no better health bargain than 

Dispensing Hope: Bill Gates' Global Health Gamble 
This fascinating "special report" focuses on immunization and health-
related initiatives in Africa which are supported by the Bill & 
Melinda Gates Foundation and provides insight into the Foundation's 
global health strategies.

Assessing New Vaccines for National Immunization Programs 
Called "a framework to assist decision makers," this paper poses 
questions program managers should ask themselves when considering new 
vaccine introduction.

Gambia Pneumococcal Vaccine Trial 
Details of an important vaccine field efficacy study currently under-
way in Africa.

Immunization Focus 
The two most recent issues of the GAVI newsletter (November 2000 and 
March 2001) contain updates on immunization grants from the Global 
Fund for Children's Vaccines and in-depth articles on a variety of 
vaccine-related subjects.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Introduction - Lessons Learned in Advocacy, Com-
munication, and Training 
Lessons learned as a result of over ten years of experience introduc-
ing hepatitis B vaccine worldwide.

Poverty Reduction and Immunizations 
Subtitled "Considering Immunizations in the Context of Debt Relief 
for Poor Countries," this paper was written to help analysts, stake-
holders, and decision makers give full consideration to including im-
munizations as a major element of poverty reduction strategies devel-
oped in the HIPC II debt relief process.

Technologies for Vaccine Delivery in the 21st Century 
New vaccine delivery concepts that could benefit the developing world 
within the next ten years.

Evaluating Immunization Information on the Web 
Suggestions from the National Network for Immunization Information.

Giving Safe Injections 
A training curriculum for health care workers who provide injections, 
these modules cover the health impact of unsafe injections, selecting 
safe and effective vaccines, reconstituting vaccines safely, reading 
Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVMs), preventing needle stick injuries, and 
using a variety of auto-disable syringes.

Unsafe Injections, Fatal Infections 
An overview of medical and social science knowledge about the extent 
of unsafe injections and the complex reasons why many injections are 
given in an unsafe manner.

Realizing the Full Potential of Childhood Immunization: How Health 
Professionals Can Make a Difference 
This article provides practical suggestions for local doctors, 
nurses, and health educators.

Helping Young People Become Youth Advocates for Immunization 
This paper is full of practical ideas for getting young people inter-
ested and involved.

What Can We Do for You? 
Help us make the Gates CVP Web site a better resource by sharing your 

We've added lots of new resources since the last update -- take a 

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Scott Wittet
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Gates Children's Vaccine Program at PATH

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