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AFRO-NETS> Supercourse Newsletter, May 1st 2001

Supercourse Newsletter, May 1st 2001

Dear Friends,

In this newsletter
1. Mac version of the Supercourse
2. International Health Medical Education Consortium
3. New lectures on April

1. Mac version of the Supercourse for download Ronan M Conroy, Lec-
turer in Biostatistics, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin made fan-
tastic contributions to the Supercourse. There are many MacIntosh us-
ers especially in the field of education. The Supercourse had not of-
fered the compressed file for those Mac users. Ronan compressed the 
supercourse files from the CD, and sent the compressed file to us for 
the MacIntosh users. If you are a Mac user, you can download the Mac 
version of the Supercourse at:

2. International Health Medical Education Consortium

IHMEC is a consortium of faculty and health care educators dedicated 
to international health education in U.S. and Canadian medical 
schools and residency programs. Some of their missions are: to fa-
cilitate international educational experiences and exchanges for 
medical students and residents; and to encourage the development of 
courses and curricula related to international health.

They approached us for some possible collaboration because we are in 
public health and they are in medicine and both are working interna-
tionally in health education. You can find their web site at:

3. The lectures opened on April

There are 21 lectures opened in April. All the new lectures are 
listed at:

as well. All the authors are very eager to share their best lectures 
with you via the supercourse. Listed here are authors, lecture names, 
and lecture URLs.

John Last
Fouling and Cleansing our Nest; Human-induced Ecological Determinants 
of Disease

Gillian Hawthorn
Outcome of Diabetic Pregnancy: Comparison of North East England with 

Gilbert S. Omenn
The New Millennium: Values, Perceptions of Risk and the Key Roles of 
Science and Technology

Israel Garcia
rorehabilitation of their sequels (A Physiopathological Model) 34

Neurorrehabilitacion Completa de sus secuelas (Parte 2)
Part II

Part III

Katerina Kapi
Epilepsy in childhood

Carlos Maria Julia
Internet & Epidemiological Surveillance

VIGI+A Project

Proyecto VIGI+A

John S.Yudkin
Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension as Major Risk Factors for the
Development of Cardiac and Renal Disease - Part I -
Part I

Part II

Role of Inflammation in the Macroangiopathy of Diabetes

Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes: Treat as 
Secondary Prevention or Assess Individual Risks? - Part I -
Part I

Part II

Insulin for the World's Poorest Countries

Pilar Giraldo
Leucemia mieloide cronica

Michael Dong
Human Exposure Assessment II (8th of 10 Lectures on Toxicologic Epi-

Sue Lachenmayr
Charles J. Vukotich
How to be an Effective Advocate

James J. Irrgang
Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Shoulder
Part I

Part II

Akira, Ron, Eun, Beatriz, Fan, Faina, Benjamin, Ying, and Eugene
for the Supercourse

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