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AFRO-NETS> MSH publishes a "gender perspectives" issue of The Manager

MSH publishes a "gender perspectives" issue of The Manager

Titled "Managing Reproductive Health Services with a Gender Perspec-
tive," this edition of Management Sciences for Health's (MSH) award-
winning quarterly publication 'The Manager' shows how awareness of 
gender issues can improve the design, management, and delivery of 
health services. It takes you step by step through the process of as-
sessing the influence of gender on organizational management and pro-
vides Working Solutions from the field. The accompanying case sce-
nario "Barishahi District Plans to Strengthen Its Gender Perspective" 
may be used for staff development and training.

Published quarterly, 'The Manager' is a continuing education manage-
ment publication from MSH. Each issue presents in-depth discussions 
of management strategies for improving health and family planning 

To order, visit us at:

Our publications are free of charge to people in Africa, Asia, and 
Latin America. Funds received from sales in North America, Western 
Europe, Japan, and Australia support reprinting and distribution of 
our publications in 180 countries. 


Sherry Cotaco
Bookstore and Distribution Manager
Management Sciences for Health
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Boston, MA 02130, USA
Tel: +1-617-524-7799 Ext. 280
Fax: +1-617-524-2825

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