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AFRO-NETS> Food for thought for friend and foe (9)

Food for thought for friend and foe (9)


Part 9 - final


60. What has been said here, is not food for cheap Internet philoso-
phers. I see this endeavor as the opening of the nth chapter of a 
long-term painful struggle on these issues that desperately attempts 
to horizontalize the previous more vertical dialogue on the topic. We 
need you to react. Here and elsewhere.

61. We are in for an exciting new era. We need all the courage we can 
muster. Wouldn't you rather become a protagonist than a bystander?

62. Tactically, I am not so sure it is so good to say all this. It 
may give a tactical advantage to the 'powers that be' that are actu-
ally afraid of or fear and will oppose with all their might any move 
towards politicization.

63. There is a big catch up task to be undertaken to remedy past 
wrongs and making the next decade a winning decade for Human Rights. 
Never be sorry to be too late.

64. It is fitting to close with another quote from the Latinamerican 
writer Eduardeo Galeano who asked: What if we would start exercising 
the never proclaimed Right to Dream to lead us to another, possible 


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Claudio Schuftan
Hanoi, Vietnam

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