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AFRO-NETS> Logistics Software: Supply Chain Manager

Logistics Software: Supply Chain Manager

What is Supply Chain Manager?

Supply Chain Manager provides logistics and health program managers 
with two useful tools in one software package: one module supports 
inventory tracking, the other supports delivery planning. Supply 
Chain Manager tracks the level and flow of commodities from central 
warehouses to service delivery points (SDP). Supply Chain Manager can 
help managers improve decisions on distribution, procurement, and 
policy. Once implemented, the system assists managers in maintaining 
acceptable stock levels at all SDPs and storage facilities. This, in 
turn, helps them achieve the six rights of logistics management - to 
provide the right product, in the right quantities, in the right con-
dition, delivered to the right place, at the right time, for the 
right cost.

About Supply Chain Manager

By using Supply Chain Manager to gather and process a programs logis-
tics data, managers are better able to ensure an effective, effi-
cient, and continuous supply of commodities to clients. Supply Chain 
Managers two modules can be used individually as stand-alone features 
or applied simultaneously. 

The Inventory modules reports and graphs provide information about:
* Supply status and distribution of stocks at each SDP and storage
* Facilities that are stocked out, overstocked, or understocked
* Quantities of products dispensed to user
* Trends in commodity consumption for program evaluation and procure-
  ment planning
* Service statistics, such as new and continuing users
* Couple years of protection (CYP), calculated for family planning
  products dispensed
* Percentage of facilities reporting
* Names and locations of non-reporting facilities

The Distribution Resource Planning module (DRP) helps manage the fol-
lowing distribution functions:

* stock assessments
* route planning
* vehicle allocation
* load building
* transport personnel assignments.

Who will benefit by using Supply Chain Manager?

Potential clients for Supply Chain Manager include managers and other 
logistics professionals who oversee the distribution of commodities 
and who have the technical capacity to implement an automated system.

What are Supply Chain Manager's recommended minimum system require-

The minimum recommended hardware and software to use Supply Chain 
Manager include:
Pentium II class CPU or higher
Windows 95/98/NT
32 MB of RAM
100 MB of available hard disk space
VGA video adapter with 800 x 600 resolution
8 ppm laser printer
Microsoft Access 97
Supply Chain Manager can be used by anyone with the ability to use a 
PC mouse and who has a basic understanding of Windows 95/98/NT.

More about Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager was developed by USAID, through the Family Plan-
ning Logistics Management (FPLM) project. Supply Chain Manager and 
its accompanying documentation are part of a technical assistance 
package, which includes system set-up and assistance in identifying 
local technical resources. More information can be obtained from:

Information Systems Manager
Family Planning Logistics Management Project
John Snow, Inc.
1616 North Fort Myer Drive
11th Floor
Arlington, VA 22209, USA
Tel: +1-703-528-7474
Fax: +1-703-528-7480

Inquiries may also be directed to:

Project Officer
1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20523, USA
Tel: +1-202-712-0876
Fax: +1-202-216-3404

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Mail administrative requests to `'.
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