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AFRO-NETS> Guide to European Population Assistance

Guide to European Population Assistance

An Orientation Guide on European Funding for Population, Sexual and 
Reproductive Health and Sustainable Development

ISBN 3-930406-12-8

The European Commission set up the goal of spending Euro 300 million 
by the year 2000 in the field of population, family planning and re-
productive health. The Official Development Assistance (ODA) from the 
European countries easily multiplies this amount. A significant 
amount designated to NGO co-financing for projects dealing with re-
productive health and family planning has not been spent properly, 
among others due to applications which either did not meet the neces-
sary quality criteria, or were not eligible for these special budgets 
or program lines of the EU, or of European governments. 

The situation of available budgets with respect to population funding 
outside Europe is quite different: restricting budgets is under dis-
cussion in the US and in other countries. As a result, the work of 
NGOs and governmental institutions in developing countries may soon 
be affected to the extent that it might restrict budgets for family 
planning activities worldwide, and even endanger the support for mul-
tilateral institutions such as the United Nations Population Fund 
(UNFPA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and 

In order to secure the worldwide available resources for implementing 
the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population 
and Development (ICPD-Cairo), as well as to help developing coun-
tries, NGOs and governmental institutions to identify and allocate 
funding for projects in the field of reproductive health and popula-
tion, appropriate and full information about the various existing 
funding lines and programs is necessary, particularly for budget 
availability in Europe. In serving governmental and non-governmental 
institutions worldwide, the Guide to European Population Assistance 
is intended to be a valuable resource to grant-seekers, as it pro-
vides a source of detailed and annually updated information on the 
variety of public funding in Europe, one of the important donor re-
gions globally.

The Guide to European Population Assistance is available as a brief-
ing kit in loose-leaf format from the German Foundation for World 
Population (DSW). Get your own copy filled with information about de-
velopment policy and NGO co-operation of European donor countries and 
of the European Commission, giving practical advice on application 
procedures, deadlines, contact persons and funding priorities. The 
Guide contains more than 100 pages of valuable experience, background 
information and insider tips of European development NGOs and respon-
sible ministries. The information contained in the Guide is updated 
annually. We will inform you automatically when an update is pub-

The price per copy is Euro 40 (US$ 37) for each copy (free for NGOs 
in developing countries).

Each of the 29 entries gives contact information, a statement on the 
organization's/institution's purpose and mission, a review of finan-
cial information and, most importantly, detailed information about 
how to put in a proposal and how to apply for funding. The data of 
the different institutions are as recent as 2000. Although its struc-
ture follows a uniform format, the institution profiles are taken 
from information released by the listed institutions themselves. 
Input from national ICPD-NGOs has added to the profiles. Each entry 
consists of general background information and development policy on 
the European country selected (full information available without 
password), funding information focusing on and explaining specific 
funding programs of the European country selected, giving full con-
tact details of responsible desk officers, funding priorities, dead-
lines, tips for a successful application and much more (information 
available with password only); to subscribe, please go to: 

For more information see:

Alexandra Mueller 
German Foundation for World Population
(Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung - DSW)
Hannover, Germany 

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