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AFRO-NETS> E-Prevention - Time for Out of the Box Thinking (2)

E-Prevention - Time for Out of the Box Thinking (2)


The response was wonderful to our request for out-of-the-box think-
ing. We wanted to send to you the most out of the box idea, as it 
really pushes the fold in thinking, like we should do in health. Can 
you move beyond this?

We have already received brilliant responses from across the world, 
including Vietnam, England, Israel, India, Malaysia, US, etc.. A 
prime example of "thinking out of the box" was Graham White of the 
UK. His is a perfect example of thinking out of the box, it is on the 
border line of brilliance and craziness. But it is pushing the fold. 
What he titled it as e-prevention/e-ectoparasite. His concept is that 
we could start an Internet based global head lice prevention program 
where Madonna, Mohamed Ali, Kofi Annan, The Pope, Dalai Lama, Bill 
Gates, Nelson Mandela) to broadcast the "e-liminate" signal could 
lead an effort so that at exactly the same time across the world 
every family inspects themselves for head lice, thus breaking the 
spread of the disease. He suggested that the first day of the Austra-
lian Olympics would be ideal for this. I liked this as it is totally 
off the wall, but the power of getting large masses of people to work 
together across the world at exactly the same time for prevention is 
wonderful. Onward to e-delousing. This is how we must think in pre-

We wanted to send this to you as Graham has "raised the bar" for 
thinking out of the box and using the Internet and media for global 
prevention. Can you think of anything wilder?

Ron, Akira, Benjamin, Deb, Eunryoung, Beatrix, Eugene, Tom

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