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AFRO-NETS> HIV Vaccine Conference - AFRICA 2000

HIV Vaccine Conference - AFRICA 2000

25th - 27th October, 2000
Abuja, Nigeria

An International conference on vaccine initiatives aimed at develop-
ing prophylactic vaccines against the prevalent strains of HIV circu-
lating in Africa comes up at the Nicon Hilton Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria 
between 25th and 27th October, 2000. I shall give the website address 
containing relevant information about the Conference next week. We 
are expecting the key players in the vaccine initiatives in Kenya, 
Uganda, South Africa, Thailand, USA and Nigeria at the conference. 

In addition to the stated objectives of the conference, Nigerians who 
claim to have developed therapeutic or prophylactic AIDS vaccine will 
have the unique opportunity to present their findings at the meeting. 

Prof. Charles Wambebe, FAS

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