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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Direction for PhD in Public Health

RFI: Direction for PhD in Public Health

Thank you for this extremely helpful and interesting forum. The dis-
cussions have been helpful in beginning dialogue in some controver-
sial areas.

I have been working in the HIV/AIDS field, under many different hats 
for a number of years now, and am interested in going back to get my 
PhD in public health focussing in community mobilization around HIV. 
I am especially interested in the use of technology within small Af-
rican/Asian communities, and in women's and orphan experiences.

As colleagues and mentors, I call on your help to direct me to those 
doing interesting related research work and to good programs to look 
to. Since I am going to the USA later this year, I will have the op-
portunity to meet with some academics doing interesting work. Sugges-
tions please!

Please reply directly to me so we do not take the valuable time of 
list members.

Thanks again for your help and your dedication to HIV!

All the best, 
Cara Machan, MPH

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