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AIDS2000 Key Correspondent Team

Further information and application details

In the two months prior to the International AIDS Conference in Dur-
ban (May & June 2000), a series of pre-conference discussions are 
scheduled. They will take place on various HIV/AIDS e-mail discussion 
forums. Then during the five days of conference itself, short reports 
of individual conference sessions will be written and made available 
through the AIDS2000 website.

A fifty-person 'Key Correspondent' Team is being formed from all re-
gions to support this two-stage plan.

Required Profile for KCs
- Strong personal network of HIV/AIDS-related contacts, including at 
  the NGO/community level 
- Comfortable working and speaking in English 
- Ability to summarise in writing local HIV/AIDS-related issues and 
  conference sessions as short articles 
- Ability to work independently, and through electronic means (email, 
- Direct and easy access to email (either from home or work) 
- Independence from any conflicting interests or bias (e.g. from 
  pharmaceuticals industry, bilateral or donor organisations, etc.)

KC Benefits 
There will be no direct payment related to the KC assignment de-
scribed. KCs intending to participate in the International AIDS Con-
ference will be provided with a free media registration to attend. No 
travel or accommodation subsidies will be made available. Written 
contributions prepared by each KC will be fully acknowledged in rele-
vant publicity materials and other publications. After the confer-
ence, each KC will be provided with a dedicated public internet ar-
chive of their written contributions. Opportunities may arise from 
these activities for KCs to participate in future HIV/AIDS-related 
events in a similar capacity.

Assignment Stages 
Monday 15th May to Friday 7th July: 
Key Correspondents (KCs) are required to research and submit at least 
three short articles to pre-conference discussions (approximately 3-
400 words). Each article must include evidence of consultation with 
local/national organisations in your own country.

Saturday 8th July to Saturday 15th July:
KCs attending the conference: Participate in KC Team/Editorial as-
signment meeting on Saturday 8th July. Prepare daily reports of as-
signed conference sessions and interviews/discussions with conference 
speakers and participants. Prepare summary description of conference 
and its relevance to your country or sub-region.

KCs NOT attending the conference: KCs will provide reportage of local 
and national responses to conference coverage and other concurrent 
events or news. Prepare summary description of conference and its 
relevance to your country or sub-region.

Submitting Applications 
If you would like to be considered as a member of the Key Correspon-
dent Team, please send a short description of your work or interests 
(a curriculum vitae is fine if you have one) to:

before 1st May, 2000

The AIDS2000 Key Correspondent Team is an initiative of the AIDS2000 
development Project. 

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `'.
Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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