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AFRO-NETS> Discussion Forum on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

Discussion Forum on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

This is introducing to you, 'Nigeria-AIDS' - the mailing list and e-
mail discussion forum on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. On the 'Nigeria-AIDS' 
forum, members discuss current issues and information about HIV/AIDS 
in Nigeria. They also receive the monthly Nigeria AIDS Bulletin 
(started since December 1998), news and views on HIV/AIDS from Nige-
rians across the world, information about grants, resources, interna-
tional job vacancies, upcoming conferences as well as research re-
ports and other news relevant to Nigeria. Members can also post in-
formation about themselves or their organisations, or make inquiries 
on any health issue.

The 'Nigeria-AIDS' forum has many other useful features that members 
of the group can utilise. For example, the calendar function can be 
used to set dates of forthcoming seminars and conferences and it will 
also send out periodic reminders. There is also a contact database in 
which the contact details of all the members of this group are re-

A document vault where documents can be stored for easy access by 
members as well as links to organisations working in the area of 
HIV/AIDS in Nigeria is also available on the website. In addition, 
periodic evaluations of the activities of the forum will take place 
to ensure that the forum continually evolves to meet members' infor-
mation requirements.

The 'Nigeria-AIDS' forum is free and open to anyone interested in 
HIV/AIDS or other health issues in Nigeria. Anyone can join by send-
ing a blank email message to <>

Messages on the forum can be viewed at: 

Welcome on board as you join us.

Omololu Falobi
List Manager/Moderator

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