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AFRO-NETS> Mailing list: Break The Silence

Mailing list: Break The Silence

***** Your invitation to: BREAK THE SILENCE *****

E-mail information and alert forum of the XIII International AIDS Con-


- Gives you the full picture on AIDS2000, without overloading your in-
- Lets you keep track of pre-conference discussions happening on other
  HIV/AIDS discussion forums and websites
- Provides short commentaries of AIDS2000-related discussions
- Keeps you up to date with the AIDS2000 programme, other proceedings &
  deadlines as they arise
- Tells you when new information, services and opinion polls are added
  to the AIDS2000 website
- Lets you know where to find articles describing on-site news and
  daily reports of the specific conference sessions that interest you

Whether you intend to attend the AIDS2000 Conference or not, BREAK THE
SILENCE is useful for you if you identify with one or more of the fol-
lowing groups:

- Politicians & government officers
- People living with HIV
- Biomedical researchers
- Medical doctors and health workers
- Other academics (behavioural & social scientists, anthropologists
- HIV/AIDS organisations working at the community level (NGOs & CBOs)
- Educational specialists
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Cultural and religious leaders, faith-based organisations
- Other private sector or workplace representatives (business, trade
  unions, mass organisations etc.)
- Human rights organisations
- HIV/AIDS documentation and information specialists
- International NGOs
- Other International organizations (e.g., Donors, United Nations,
  Organisation for African Unity etc.)
- Journalists and media organizations

**JOIN NOW - free of charge!

Send an email to: <>

Or go to:

***** Key Correspondent Team *****

AIDS2000 is also organising a team of 'Key Correspondents' to bring na-
tional and local views from around the world into the conference and 
related discussions.

If you are interested in taking part, write now for more information 

- application deadline 1st May.


BREAK THE SILENCE and related activities are provided as part of the
AIDS2000 Development Project.

Marlijn van Berne

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