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AFRO-NETS> More than 137,000 free online articles (4)

More than 137,000 free online articles (4)

On Wednesday, April 05 Gerard Robinson <>
 > Perhaps someone could clarify the situation, but does
 > access to these article via the internet also entitle one to copy the
 > downloadable version (i.e.PDF) and redistribute them on an appropri-
 > ate medium such as CD or floppy? This would mean that it would be
 > possible to extend the usefulness of this resource to those people
 > who have access to a PC with CD-ROM drive but no high bandwidth con-
 > nection to the internet. A single 'YES' from all the publishers would
 > indicate how enlightened they all are. Apologies if the answer to
 > this is starring me in the face.

Can I be a beneficiary please if the answer is yes? Thank you as I 
don't have access to the internet.

Dr Olusola Odujinrin
PO Box 7909,
Lagos, Nigeria

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