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ID21 Development Research Reporting Service

I think some of you may be interested in the following information 
found on the web:

ID21: the Development Research reporting service:

Researchers and NGOs produce a constant stream of development re-
search findings, but all too often those who implement development 
policy are unaware of this knowledge. To bridge this knowledge gap, 
the UK Department for International Development is backing an Inter-
net-based system which links development research directly to policy-
makers and practitioners around the world. Hosted by the Institute of 
Development Studies, the initiative is known as ID21 - or Information 
for Development in the 21st Century. Its key feature is a searchable 
online collection of short, one-page (500-word) digests of the latest 
social and economic research studies across 30 key topic fields. 

All our services are FREE and you can find us at: 

We have also created an e-mail newsletter called ID21NEWS, which 
brings you regular updates of the latest research findings which have 
been added to the ID21 collection.

To subscribe to ID21NEWS send a blank e-mail message to: 

In the SUBJECT field include the words: subscribe id21news

Jacqueline Logan

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