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AFRO-NETS> Short Course on Reproductive Health

Short Course on Reproductive Health

International Course on Planning and Management of Reproductive 
Health Programmes

with focus on: 
- HIV/STD prevention and control 
- Family planning and unsafe abortion 
- Safe motherhood and perinatal health

April 25 - June 23, 2000 
Institute of Tropical Medicine 
Antwerp, Belgium 

The high burden of HIV and other STD, as well as the high rates 
of maternal mortality, have put reproductive health at the top 
of the public health agenda. The 1994 International Conference 
on Population and Development in Cairo placed the discussion of 
"population control" in a broader development context, focus-
sing on women's rights and the provision of integrated "repro-
ductive health services".

The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp is an interna-
tionally recognised centre of excellence for its research, 
training and interventions in HIV/AIDS and other STD. This 
course will draw on the unique expertise of the Institute and 
its collaborating centers, combining in-depth knowledge of spe-
cific diseases with extensive experience in the organisation 
and evaluation of health services. The course is intended for 
health professionals and scientists involved in, or responsible 
for, reproductive health programmes, including HIV/STD, family 
planning or safe motherhood. A Masters in Public Health train-
ing is required for candidates to be considered for admission.

Students will receive up to date training in specific reproduc-
tive health problems, as well as the elements necessary for the 
formulation of integrated strategies. The focus will be on the 
appraisal of the public health importance of reproductive 
health and the development of specific control methods, with an 
emphasis on integrated strategies and intersectoral collabora-

The main themes covered include:
- HIV/AIDS and related diseases (3 weeks)
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases (1 week)
- Family planning and unsafe abortion (2 weeks)
- Maternal and perinatal health and obstetrical needs (2 weeks)
- Integrated strategies and final exercise (1 week) 

After completion of the course participants will have learned 
how to:
- Assess the importance of the different components of repro-
  ductive health problems;
- Develop and prioritise specific strategies for prevention and
- Implement those strategies within existing health structures
  with the focus on accessibility, affordability and sustain-
- Monitor and evaluate reproductive health programmes.

Teaching will consist of "state of the art" lectures, seminars, 
discussions and practical sessions. There will be a strong em-
phasis on case-studies and practical exercises involving par-
ticipants in the designs of control programmes appropriate to 
their country of origin. Small group sessions will form a large 
part of the course.

Most of the courses will be taught by staff of ITM, all experi-
enced specialists in the field. A number of internationally 
known experts from other academic institutions (such as the 
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Universite 
Libre de Bruxelles) and international organisations (such as 
UNAIDS, WHO, EU and UNFPA) will be invited to complement spe-
cific areas of expertise.

The course will take place at the Institute of Tropical Medi-
cine and will start on April 25, 2000 and last 9 weeks (until 
June 23). The language of instruction is French or English, al-
ternating yearly. In 2000 the language will be ENGLISH. The to-
tal course fee will be 150.000 BEF. This fee covers tuition and 
all course materials. The secretariat will assist you in find-
ing accommodation within walking distance of the Institute of 
Tropical Medicine. 

Please include with your letter of application: 
1. An up to date Curriculum Vitae (CV) + photo 
2. A full description of your current position and responsi-
3. An explanation of why you want to do this course 
4. Evidence of sufficient skills in Epidemiology/Statistics/
   Public Health and fluency in English 
5. The intended source of funding

For more information on the course content, please contact:
Marie Laga
Course Organiser
Reproductive Health Short Course
Institute of Tropical Medicine
Nationalestraat 155
B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32-3-247-6316
Fax: +32-3-247-6333

Applications should be sent no later than January 31, 2000 to: 
Marianne Hilgert 
Reproductive Health Short Course
Institute of Tropical Medicine 
Nationalestraat 155
B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32-3-247-6471
Fax: +32-3-247-6257

Dr Umberto D'Alessandro
Prince Leopold Institut of Tropical Medicine
Nationalestraat 155
B-2000 Antwerp-Belgium
Tel: +32-3-247-6354
Fax: +32-3-247-6362

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