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AFRO-NETS> Bednets for $1.29 (3)

Bednets for $1.29 (3)

Dear Shri Shetty,

This sounds extremely interesting, as it is at least USD 0.50
below our best price.

Please give us your general information on size, material,
mesh, deniers, colours and the matching prices.

In order to comply with the required standards and
recommendations of UNICEF and WHO please also
inform us of the following:

1: Can your nets be impregnated, and what insecticide
do you use as standard?

2: If you can impregnate what effect do you have after
1 and 3 washes regarding knock down and functional

3: Flame retardancy values?

4: Weight and tenacity?

5: Bursting and tensile strenght?

6: Stantored?

7: What experience do you have in using your bed nets
for controlling not only malaria but also leishmaniasis
and filariasis?

Looking forward to your kind reply.

Best regards,

Torben Vestergaard Frandsen
Disease Control Textiles
Vestergaard Frandsen A/S
Akseltorv 4b
6000 Kolding
Tel.  -45 75 50 30 50
Fax. -45 75 50 30 44

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