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AFRO-NETS> Internet and AIDS prevention: Models wanted

Internet and AIDS prevention: Models wanted

Hello List Members,

I am working with a colleague on a paper for a conference on TeleHealth 
and TeleMedicine in Africa.

Our particular concern is how facilitated public access to the Internet 
(via rural and urban "telecentres" with staff to mediate between the 
Net and the local public re translations, training, etc.) can enhance 
prevention and treatment programs for the AIDS virus. This includes ac-
cess to health information, creation of both local and virtual support 
groups and support networks, and development of regionally relevant web 
sites and information.

We would like to encourage the empowerment of local communities by giv-
ing them access to information and by facilitating the formation of lo-
cal study groups or support groups that would share information from 
the Net, exchange ideas and models for successful intervention pro-
grams, and provide feedback to the medical and political systems.

If you are aware of any models, pilot programs or other endeavours that 
use the Internet (particularly ones which provide facilitated access 
for those without computer knowledge, or who are illiterate, or who 
need translation) to support prevention or treatment programs for the 
health and/or mental health of those affected by the AIDS virus (in-
cluding any of the following: patients, care-givers, friends and fam-
ily, paraprofessionals, and medical staff) or similar medical condi-
tion, please respond to the address below. Any suggestions, insights, 
references, web links, etc. will be greatly appreciated!

Models from any source would be fine, whether from the West or from the 
Third World, or anywhere else!



Bruce P. A. Dienes, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Management of Technological Change
University College of Cape Breton 
Tel: +1-902-564-0312 (h)

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