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AFRO-NETS> Gender training materials produced in the South

Gender training materials produced in the South

Dear Networkers,

BRIDGE, an information service on gender and development, is currently 
looking for gender training materials in order to compile an annotated 
bibliography of sources that are produced and used by Southern organi-
sations. The focus is on Africa (primarily francophone but also anglo-
phone) and Latin America. The aim is to produce a source guide for or-
ganisations that work in development co-operation as well as gender 
NGOs, once the bibliography is completed. We assume that there are many 
practitioners with vast experience 'out there' and would be grateful, 
if you could  help us with sourcing any of the following:

1) Training sources for trainers 'in the field' that cover gender 
awareness and dynamics in general or within specific contexts in prac-
tice (e.g. rural and urban development, health and gender violence, en-
vironment and others); 

2) Training materials to alert project and programme managers as well 
as decision makers to gender issues in analysis and planning (including 
the use of instruments such as PRA, logical frameworks, project cycle 
management, monitoring and evaluation tools etc). This probably relates 
more to donor organisations; 

3) Key contacts, either regional or in relation to specific topics. 
This can be individuals, organisations, e-mail lists, Internet data 
bases or key sites that provide materials and/or further contacts.

If your organisation has produced a gender training manual, we would 
really be interested to take it up in the bibliography. As there is a 
very limited time-frame, we depend on a brief summary which states the 

1) What are the main focus and aims of the gender training? What prac-
titioners are being addressed? 

2) A brief description of the tools and methods introduced; 

3) In which language is it obtainable and how can it be purchased, is 
it published or only available via the organisation? (please enclose 
contact details, incl. e-mail if applicable).

Thank you very much in advance for your help and co-operation, it is 
greatly appreciated!! 

Best regards,

BRIDGE (briefings on development and gender) is an innovative informa-
tion and analysis service specialising in gender and development is-
sues. BRIDGE's objective is to assist development professionals and or-
ganisations to integrate gender concerns into their work. As part of 
the Institute of Development Studies (a non-profit institution), BRIDGE 
aims to cover costs rather than make profits. BRIDGE briefings present 
state of the art research findings, review current policy debates, syn-
thesise best practice and evaluate strategies for translating gender 
policies into practice.  

The BRIDGE web site can be found at:
which holds the back copies of our bulletin, 'development and gender in 
brief' and links to other gender and development material.

Heike Wach
BRIDGE (Briefings on Development and Gender)
Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex
BN19RE Brighton, UK
Tel: +44-1273-606-261 ext.4089 
Fax: +44-1273-621-202 

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