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AFRO-NETS> Research on Male Fertility Regulation

Research on Male Fertility Regulation

The WHO Research Group on Methods for the Regulation of Male Fertil-
ity is supporting studies to develop new, safe, effective and re-
versible methods of contraception for men.

As part of this initiative, the Research Group wishes to promote re-
search on the molecular and cellular aspects of spermatogenesis/ 
spermiogenesis, and acquisition of sperm fertilising capacity. The 
purpose of these studies will be to identify potential new targets 
for fertility regulation. Some of the research areas that have been 
proposed include:

- spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis,
- acrosome and flagellar formation,
- other unique properties of developing spermatids and spermatozoa.

In considering basic research opportunities in male fertility regula-
tion, the following criteria should be considered:

- feasibility of subsequent development of a contraceptive product,
- specificity of hypothesised mode of action,
- duration of effect and reversibility,
- possible/expected side-effects,
- expected acceptability to potential users.

Thus, such research should not only identify important events in the 
processes, but also how focussed research at the cellular and molecu-
lar levels might lead to development of new methods of contraception 
for use by men.

Investigators working in the above areas are invited to submit out-
line proposals clearly indicating the relevance of the proposed stud-
ies to the identification and development of new leads for male con-
traceptive development. Full proposals will be solicited from those 
investigators whose outline proposals are considered appropriate by a 
sub-committee of the Research Group. Scientists from developing coun-
tries are encouraged to participate.

The applications or enquiries should be sent to:

The Manager
Research Area on Methods for the Regulation of Male Fertility/Male 
Reproductive Health,
Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in 
Human Reproduction,
World Health Organization
CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland
Fax: +41-22-791-4171

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