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AFRO-NETS> RFI: Bednet surveys

Request for Information: Bednet surveys

I am looking for information concerning the coverage of existing 'mos-
quito nets' in sub-Saharan Africa, NOT insecticide treated. Most likely 
this will come from base line surveys, performed during the planning 
and preparation stage of an ITN intervention. The information can be 
provided very briefly in answer to the following questions:

1. Where was the survey performed? (Country / district) 
2. Is this area urban, rural or other? 
3. When was the survey performed? 
4. The percentage of households owning one or more nets? (Please state
   whether you counted per household or per person etc. and if you have
   any data of how many nets were in each house.) 
5. How was it carried out? (a very brief description of the methodology
   will do)
6. Is this published or unpublished, if the latter who should be cred-

My reason for asking is to better establish the numbers of mosquito 
nets in SSA and the implications for ITN projects and programmes. I 
plan to collate the information and share it at the forthcoming MIM 

Many thanks

Catherine Reed,
Programme Coordinator
PATH Canada 
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1105 
Ottawa, Ontario KlN 7B7,  Canada 
Tel: +1-613-241-3927 Ext. 328 
Fax: +1-613-241-7988

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