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AFRO-NETS> Call for submissions: The impact of globalisation on health

Call for submissions: The impact of globalisation on health

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the launch of a partnership among the World 
Health Organisation (WHO), Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and the Society 
for International Development (SID) to share knowledge and insights on 
the impact of globalisation on health. The joint project will consist 

- Organisation of the International Meeting 'Response to Globalisation:
  rethinking equity and health', to be held at the WHO headquarters in
  Geneva in early July; 

- Compilation of a special issue of the SID Development quarterly jour-
  nal to be published in December 1999. 

Both the meeting and the journal issue are expected to provide a space 
for new alliances to be formed inside and outside the health establish-
ment in order to produce innovative research and policies for basic so-
cial and health needs in today's global context. By opening up of a de-
bate on public health, we are aiming to engage researchers, medical and 
health policy experts in this discussion so as to explore the impact of 
globalisation on health and equity. The results will fit directly into 
the policies of WHO campaign 'Health for All', in the Global Equity 
Initiative of the RF and in the SID work towards global reconstruction 
for social justice.

SID, RF and WHO are looking for contributions to the projects from net-
works such as yours. In this respect we hereby launch a call for ab-
stracts in the following topics:

- Communicable diseases;
- Hazardous commodities (tobacco, drugs and weapons);
- Trade in pharmaceuticals and other advanced technology medical goods;
- Health and food safety;
- Health sectoral reforms;
- Health and micro-financing; and
- Health, international labour markets and the new international divi-
  sion of labour.

We are looking for innovative and distinctive abstracts, which map out 
the civil society and community health responses to the changes brought 
about by globalisation in local and regional health systems. Consis-
tently with our journal's style, the papers should highlight the impact 
of globalisation on people's needs in a critical but constructive way, 
which can be anecdotal but should also aim to suggest concrete policy 

We hope that you will be willing to assist us in this endeavour.

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to be considered for 
publication in Development Journal Vol. 42.4. Also seven of the ab-
stracts will be selected by a panel of experts from SID/WHO/RF and 
authors will be invited to present their paper at the 'Response to 
Globalisation: rethinking equity and health' international meeting. 

Please we would also be very grateful if you could circulate this call 
for abstracts among those you deem would be interested in providing an 
original contribution, thus encouraging a most lively debate on the is-

The abstracts should be submitted in English and not exceed 800 words. 
They should reach us here at the Rome Secretariat within 15th February  
1999, preferably by e-mail or on disc saved in Word 5.0 or Word f. Win-
dows. Papers submitted by fax or mail are also accepted provided they 
meet the deadline.

Please do not hesitate to contact the SID Secretariat (Att. Elena Man-
cusi-Materi) should you wish any further information. We look forward 
to working with you towards what promises to be a most exciting proj-

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Harcourt,
Meg Wirth,
Douglas Bettcher, 
Society for International Development
Via Panisperna, 207
00184 Rome, Italy
Tel. +39-06-487-2172
Fax. +39-06-487-2170

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