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AFRO-NETS> New Discussion Group focusing on North Africa/Middle East

New Discussion Group focusing on North Africa/Middle East

Good day!

I wish to inform everyone interested in the overall development of the 
Middle East and North African region of a major forum organised by both 
the World Bank and the regional partners in the coming days (September 
3 to 6).

Most importantly is the creation of a discussion group.

The Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF)1998 aims to empower thinkers, 
encourage private sector involvement, and mobilise civil society for 
greater participation in policy dialogue in order to improve policy 

The Cyber-Cafe

The philosophy of the Cyber-cafe discussion groups is to enhance the 
quality of dialogue in the Middle East (including Iran and Turkey) and 
North African region (MENA). Highly productive discussions will be 
helped by the participant of Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF) on 5 
major themes between September 3 and 6:

- Benefit from Globalisation, 
- Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, 
- Governance (efficiency and participation), 
- Human Development, and 
- Public-Private Partnerships in the MENA Region. 

The goal is to exchange ideas and experiences in dealing with these 
specific themes, and to formulate recommendations coming from best 
practice in each sector. A Discussion Group has been created for this 

For more information please go to the World Bank CIPE site:
and follow the procedure, starting by the registration.

This initiative is thought to foster communication amongst experts and 
practitioners in the field of economic development in the MENA region 
on a daily basis.

The forum participants will be eager to respond to messages and debate 

Pascal Collotte

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