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AFRO-NETS> Into the next century...(4)/(5) & 6

Into the next century...(4)/(5) & 6

If a particular message is addressed to only one or two members of the 
AFRO-NETS, please make sure to send it to ONLY them. Otherwise it be-
comes quite confusing.

For example, How am I supposed to know what are these acronyms: PPASA,
MAWHN ?  Where are Woman's (sic) Health Network and Reproductive Health
Research Unit ?? Who is collaborating with whom ??? How does this an-
swer Susan Foster's original question ???? (for which she is better off 
getting a consultant since both Boston and LSHTM have loads of money). 


Moderator's comment:
I wrote to S.K. Nayak:

Dear Colleague,

generally you are right and we are forwarding individually addressed 
messages to the respective persons. In this case there was message No 3 
from Afua Hesse dealing with MAWHN and obviously Dr. Rees mixed it up 
as if coming from Glaudina Loots.

Unfortunately many authors do not give us their physical address, af-
filiation or even their name.

I sent the messages out via AFRO-NETS since there is a good chance that 
people with same or similar goals can contact each other to collaborate 
in their fields of interest in future.

Be assured that already 10-20% of messages are not sent out at all be-
cause they do not fit the objectives of AFRO-NETS, are administrative 
requests or even spam.

Dieter Neuvians
AFRO-NETS Moderator

S. K. Nayak replied:

Dear Colleague,

I shall be grateful if you please let my message posted in the AFRO-
NETS; so that all our members would know the inconvenience being caused 
by their non-declaration of name/address, etc. In future, they will be 
careful in not sending their messages to ALL but only to one or two 
members whom they want to contact.

S. K. Nayak

[For the above mentioned reason (to make contacts) another contribu-
tion. DN Mod.]:

Into the next century...(6)

Dear Glaudina,

I received your email. I teach and do research within Dental Public 
Health and would be interested in what you are doing and to get in-
volved within the area I am working. I would like to know what it would 
involve eventually.


Prof Ume Chikte
Stellenbosch University, South Africa

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For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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