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AFRO-NETS> Big Concern!

Big Concern!

Dear Afro-Nets members,

Please pass-on my concern to Claire Short (DFID-UK) Minister , USAID 
mission and other development agencies.

What I hear in all the agendas of International Development forum is 
Poverty Eradication as the goal.

But my concern is, that's not being implemented properly and as a re-
sult the gap between rich and poor will increase instead of decrease.

I will give one example (in India):

You will find in all the development projects retired personnel is 
hired and paid very high than the young professionals if at all hired 
in the same project. As a result the retired person who has already 
earned for his life and getting pension, gets double the salary and 
also gets a job preventing another young person to get an employment 

Example: In one DFID funded and British Council managed project the 
Project Director(retired person) gets Rs.40,000 as salary per month and 
the Project Co-ordinator(Young Management Professional with adequate 
experience) gets only Rs.20,000 per month. 

My concern is, India has enough Health and Development management pro-
fessionals at the younger generation. Then why these International De-
velopment Agencies hiring Retired People paying a hefty sum as salary 
thereby preventing somebody from an employment opportunity and at the 
same widening the gap between haves and have-nots.

My request would be to take a policy decision to hire more and more po-
tential young professionals to carry out the work more efficiently.

In a different view some Government employees come on leave to join 
these good salaried jobs keeping their positions in the Govt. vacant so 
that they can go back as and when they feel like. As a result Govern-
ment work is affected and somebody occupies two jobs.

These matters are so disgusting and frustrating for young professionals 
which need consideration from policy and decision makers.

Hope to hear comments on this.

For any clarification please contact: through AFRO-NETS

K B Pradhan

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