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AFRO-NETS> Into the next century...(2)

Into the next century...(2)

Dear Susan Foster,

In South Africa we are currently busy with a Foresight Exercise, with 
the aim to systematically identify those areas of research, science and 
technology that are likely to yield the greatest economic and social 
benefits for South Africa in the next 20 years.

The Health sector is one of the sectors under scrutiny. We are using 
various methods to determine what will be the main concerns, con-
straints and likely problem areas within the health field 10 years from 
now. The purpose is to identify research and technology topics on which 
to spend our money for the next 5 to 10 years.

For the purpose of this exercise we commissioned a scan of interna-
tional as well as local trends, within the health field.

We will also develop a set of scenarios on possible futures in South 
Africa, but with special reference to the health sector.

Once this information is generated, you will be most welcome to it.

Please feel free to contact me, should you require more information.

Glaudina Loots
Health Sector Co-ordinator
National Research and Technology Foresight Program
Dept of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology
Private Bag X894
0001 Pretoria, South Africa
Tel: +27-12-337-8487
Fax: +27-12-323-1461
Cell: 082-452-9289

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