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Implementing research findings in developing countries
Source: E-Drug conference

Those of you interested in systematic reviews and evidence based 
medicine may find this week's BMJ article (BMJ 1998; 317:531-535, 22 
August) helpful:

Getting research findings into practice

Implementing research findings in developing countries 
by Paul Garner et al. 


Developing countries have limited resources, so it is particularly 
important to invest in health care that works. The growing number of 
relevant systematic reviews can assist policymakers, clinicians, and 
consumers in making informed decisions. Developing countries have led 
the way in generating approaches to ensure professional standards of 
behaviour through interventions such as producing guidelines and in-
troducing essential drug programmes, and by producing reliable re-
search summaries to help ensure that policies are based on good evi-

Summary points:

Financial resources are limited in developing countries so it is vi-
tal that the health care provided is effective 

The number of systematic reviews relevant to developing countries is 

Disseminating the findings of systematic reviews to policymakers, 
health professionals, and consumers is an essential prerequisite to 
changing practices 

Practice guidelines and international programmes that provide essen-
tial drugs are well established and provide a powerful route for re-
inforcing evidence based practice 

Large obstacles impede the implementation of evidence based prac-
tices, such as the unethical promotion of drugs; these problems need 
to be addressed by regulation 

Action is required at all levels of healthcare systems, from consum-
ers through to health professionals, ministries of health, and inter-
national organisations 

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