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Nutrition and Poverty

Dear friends,

I have just finished reading the report "Nutrition and Poverty" (Papers 
from the ACC/SCN 24th Session Symposium, Kathmandu, March 1997), Nutri-
tion Policy Paper No.16, November 1997.

I think it is one of the best pieces on the matter written recently. I 
highly recommend it to you.

It covers issues on:

- income + nutrition + infection and their relative weights;
- calorie-income relationships;
- effects of poverty on nutrition;
- child care and poverty;
- the South Asian puzzle (on why so much malnutrition in the subconti-
- 'income poverty' and 'capability poverty' (a real eye-opener);
- self-perception of poverty;
- rights, needs and gender issues as a basis for poverty alleviation;
- stunting as perhaps the best (outcome) indicator of poverty; and
- nutrition and the alleviation of absolute poverty.

The examples are very to the point and plentiful.

The monograph is available from the ACC/SCN at: <>

Claudio Schuftan

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