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AFRO-NETS> How the IDN Gave You USAID Info 2 Months Before They Did

How the IDN Gave You USAID Info 2 Months Before They Did

Apologies for any cross-posting

That's right...In May of this year, the IDN ( gave
you a link to the USAID Draft Document entitled "Results-Oriented
Assistance: A USAID Sourcebook"...2 Months before USAID posted the link
to their own web site.  Of course, with USAID this is to be expected
since they tend to hold information close to the chest anyway...of
course how we did it is a trade secret...we did the research, found the
information and gave it to you...not really a trade secret, just the
level of service we seek to provide

That is why the International Development Network is provide
you the development news and information you need when its available and
when you want it, not when a government agency gets around to releasing
the information on their schedule...

However, we need to make the IDN Sustainable, and to do so, we now have
launched a daily electronic newsletter for our sponsoring members. 
While the IDN Web Site will now only be updated on a weekly basis for
public access, members of the IDN will receive a daily newsletter that
includes the news of the day, job listings (which are not available on
the web site), and more time sensitive information.  

You can download a sample of the newsletter in Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
format at and you can find out more on
how to become a member of the IDN at  If you cannot access the World
Wide Web and would like the sample newsletter e-mailed to you, please
send an e-mail to to request a copy.

And now, What's New at the IDN Web Site this week (August 10, 1998):

IDN Membership Directory

List of pending membership applications updated.

Project Profile

The Individual in a Global Society

A four-part radio series sponsored by the American Society of
International Law and the Dean Rusk Center for International and
Comparative Law. It was produced by WUGA-FM, a broadcast service of The
University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, with funding
provided by The Ford Foundation.

The profile includes links to transcripts for all 4 parts of the series.

Tools You Can Use:

Canadian International Development Agency Development Information
Program - Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

New Links: [sample - B.P. Mod]

Action against Hunger - Our activities consist in providing access to
drinking water to populations in precarious situations, such as
displaced persons, refugees or minorities. 

CARE Canada - Our mission is to provide a measure of security and
well-being for the poor in developing regions.

Doctors of the World - an independent 501(c)(3) non sectarian,
non-profit organization dedicated to providing health care services
internationally to under served populations.

Heart Care International - a non-profit organization that delivers high
quality, compassionate medical and surgical care to children and adults
with heart disease in developing countries. 

Water Partners International - Helping people in the developing world
meet their drinking water supply needs.

Wellspring Africa - A non-profit organization committed to researching
and promoting appropriate technology for water development in rural

Youth Challenge International - combines community development, health
work, and environmental research in adventurous projects conducted by
international teams of volunteers aged 18-25 years.

Stories from The Development Front [sampled - B.P., Mod]

The following stories were provided to members of the IDN last week and
are now available on the web site:

Kosovo Situation a Humanitarian Crisis, Says UNICEF

USCR Says Combatants in Congo/Zaire Should Cease Detentions, Allow
People to Flee Safely; U.S. Embassy Negligent

IMF Approves Third Annual ESAF Loan for Mali

Ghana to Host African Election Conference

Canada Provides Additional Package of Assistance for Famine Victims in

Guinea: GTZ Reports Epidemics Are Threatening More than 100,000 Refugees

MSF Mobile Teams Alarmed by Health Situation in Central Kosovo

IFC Releases "Trends In Venture Capital Finance In Developing Countries"

Severely Malnourished In Wau Begin Receiving Cooked Food From World Food

WFP Welcomes Truce In Guinea Bissau; Appeals For Safe Passage To Deliver
Urgently Needed Food Aid To War Victims

The IDN plans to continue our growth and offerings.  If you have not yet
thought about a membership/sponsorship in the IDN, we encourage you to
consider becoming a sponsor/member of the fastest growing, most
comprehensive and current International Development Web Site on the
Internet! Information is available at

Christopher L. Byrne, Director
International Development Network
Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `'.
Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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