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AFRO-NETS> Third African Population Conference

Third African Population Conference

Union for African Population Studies

6 - 10 December 1999
South Africa

Call for papers:

The Third African Population Conference will take place in South Africa
6-10 December 1999. (The first was held in Accra in 1971 and the second
in Dakar in 1988). This conference will be organized by the Union for
African Population Studies in collaboration with several international
population organizations and the National Population Unit, Department of
Welfare South Africa.  The theme of the Conference is  "African
Population in the 21st Century". The conference is open to all
interested individuals and organizations working in population and
related areas.

The first information bulletin  with details of session outlines and
names and addresses of organisers, and full colour posters for the
conference have been  circulated to population and development
institutions and individuals worldwide. If you require additional copies
of the conference information bulletin, please contact:

Ms Rose Nkowane
Africa Strategic Research, 
Johannesburg, South Africa 
Tel: +27-11-8885511
Fax: +27- 11-8886100

Formal sessions:

1.   Population Policy: Modelling for Population Policy and Policy 
      Options for the 21st Century
2.   Demography of  South Africa
3.   Sustainable Data Collection Systems
4.   Towards a Relevant Methodology for Data Analysis
5.   Publication and Dissemination : Improving Access and Utilisation 
      of Data
6.   Male Issues in African Fertility
7.   Proximate Determinants and Fertility Transition
8.   Adult Mortality
9.   Mortality and Health Transition
10. Population Dynamics: Policy Implications and Future Challenges
11. Morbidity: Socio-economic Aspects of Tropical Diseases
12. National and Regional Migration Concerns in Africa
13. Population Dynamics, Immigration Problems and the Crisis of 
      Refugees and Displaced Persons
14. Urbanisation and Housing
15. Population, Environment and Sustainable Development
16. Structural Adjustment Programmes and Poverty
17. Food Security
18. Population and Development: Integration of Population and
19. Good Governance, Political Stability and Population Issues
20. Changes in Family Structures and their Implication in Sub-Saharan
21. Culture, Gender and Demographic Changes
22. Empowerment, Population Stabilisation and Development through
23. Socio-Cultural, Health and Economic Aspects of Street Children in
      Sub-Saharan Africa
24. Family Determinants of Schooling
25. Teaching and Training Challenges in the Field of Population Studies
      in Africa: Emerging Needs and New Approaches and Methods
26. New Directions in the Utilisation of IEC and Advocacy in Addressing
      Population Issues in the 21st. Century
27. Population and Ageing: Meeting the Challenges of Survival
28. Provision of Family Planning Services
29. Reproductive Health, STDs and HIV/AIDS
30. Adolescent Sexuality, IEC Needs and Strategies.
31. Vital Registration Systems
32. Historical Demography
33. The Demographic Transition : from where to where?
34. The Implications of ICPD for Africa

Informal Sessions:

1.   Qualitative Methods of Data Collection and Analysis
2.   Changing Pathways into Adulthood in Contemporary Africa: 
      New Experiments in Anthropological and Demographic Mergers
3.   Population Studies in African Studies Programmes
4.   Information Technology or "Super Highway"
5.   Computer Technology and Training in Demography.
6.   Preventing Maternal Deaths
7.   Operational Research and Reproductive Health
8.   Demography of the Tropical Forest Population; Biosocial Aspects
9.   Demography of Nomadic and Mobile Populations
10. African Census Analysis Project
11. A Community Based Approach to Population Policies In Africa
12. Household Surveys in Support of Population Policy Formulation,
      Programme Follow-up and Evaluation

Round Tables:

01. Funding of Population Research in Africa
02. International Migration in Southern Africa
03. HIV/AIDS in SADC Region

Special Sessions on South Africa:

01. Population Land and Environment in South Africa
02. Transforming Population Data in Post-Apartheid South Africa
03. Population, Education and Curriculum Development

For further information, please contact the undersigned or:

Martin Bangha
International Organising Committee Secretariat
Union for African Population Studies
B.P. 21007, Dakar Ponty
Dakar, Senegal
Tel. : +221-8255951
Fax : +221-8255955

Orieji Chimere- Dan
UAPS Rep. for Southern Africa
Africa Strategic Research
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27-11-8885511
Fax: +27-11-8886100
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