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AFRO-NETS> Directory of Selected African Research Networks

Directory of Selected African Research Networks

Rockefeller Foundation has prepared the above directory which in-
cludes the description of about 60 networks active in the areas of 
agriculture, the environment, health, population, education, the hu-
manities, and socio-economics. Entries have been grouped into three 
major categories: Global networks are made up of those that have a 
reach beyond Africa; Pan African networks are those whose mandate 
covers the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa; Regional networks comprise 
those that have been organised for a contiguous geographic region 
within Africa. A standard entry provides the user with a network's 
contact information, as well as information about its background, 
goals, professional services for members and eligibility criteria.

To secure a copy of the 116 pages, A5 booklet contact:

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