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INCLEN Global Meeting - Invitation for Abstracts
"Creative Partnerships for Securing Health"

March 1-5, 1999
Bangkok, Thailand

You are invited to submit abstracts for the INCLEN Global Meeting in 
the areas of clinical epidemiology, field epidemiology, economics, 
health social science, biostatistics and environmental and occupa-
tional health for presentation at the Global Meeting INCLEN XVI in 
Bangkok, Thailand, March 1-5, 1999. Abstracts in the areas of health 
care financing, reform of medical education, cost-effectiveness and 
health care reform are also solicited.

Abstracts will be judged on methodology, relevance and importance and 
must be of completed studies. Submissions will be reviewed by an in-
ternational panel of experts in related fields.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: July 15th, 1998

INCLEN XVI will highlight the challenge of meeting the basic health 
needs of all people, with particular emphasis on collaborations that 
have used innovative ways to meet that challenge. Health security is 
a deceptively complex problem. It involves assessment of current and 
emerging health issues, knowledge of effective technology and costs, 
translation of that knowledge into action, resource allocation, ca-
pacity development, and quality assurance. It lies at the intersec-
tion of interests of the general population, health practitioners, 
policy makers, scientists, governments, non-government organisations 
and donors. Co-ordination of such a variety of interested parties is 
a formidable task, but one can learn from examples in which partner-
ships have creatively met the challenge - demonstrating flexibility, 
sensitivity to context, adaptability, good management and non-
traditional thinking. INCLEN XVI will feature success stories and 
lessons learned.

Proposed subject areas for workshops include advanced topics in:

- Biostatistics
- Clinical Economics
- Health Social Science
- Clinical Epidemiology
- Hospital Infections/Total Quality Management (TQM)
- Social Marketing
- Evidence Based Medicine
- Information and the Internet
- Reproductive Health
- Practice Guidelines
- Meta -Analysis

INCLEN is an international membership organisation of clinicians and 
other health scientists dedicated to improving the health of people 
in the developing world by using the tools of clinical epidemiology 
critically to assess the factors that determine the most effective 
prevention and treatment strategies.

For more information contact:

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Philadelphia, PA 19104-2644, USA
Tel: +1-215-222-7700
Fax: +1-215-222-7741

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