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Breaking into the Consultancy Network

[This message has been posted in the belief that many potential
consultants in Africa (and from other developing countries) have 
the same questions/requests. Answers may help reduce the brain drain 
of qualified personnel from Africa!. B.P. Mod.]

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I have had a rather challenging time finding appropriate work in the 
field of international health & development communication/education 
program and materials development. How does one "break into the market" 
so to speak, with USAID, as a Consultant or other appropriate position? 
Although this is a somewhat narrow niche within the public health and 
international health & development realm(s), I can't be the only person 
experiencing difficulty with matching up NGO (and other) program needs 
to someone with my skills, background, international experience and 
relevant training/education - at the masters level.

A little about myself... I have earned a Master of Public Health degree 
(M.P.H.) in International Health & Development, with a concentration in 
Communication & Education, from Tulane University School of Public Health 
& Tropical Medicine, in New Orleans. My previous degree is a B.A. in Film 
& Video, with a concentration in Directing & Editing, from Columbia 
College in Chicago. I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served 
as Audio-Visual Specialist, through the Volunteer Partner Program, in 
Mauritania, West Africa, 1992-93. While in Mauritania, I developed a 
health campaign wherein I created a culturally-congruent video 
documentary and supporting materials to help facilitate the eradication 
of Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease). 

My work has been acclaimed and exhibited globally. In addition to my 
audio-visual work, I have a book treatment in the works entitled 
"Transcultural Health Communication - Theory & Practice", available for 
advance peer review, prior to publication.

Your kind advice, direction and assistance regarding available 
opportunities within USAID and elsewhere would be most welcome. Best 

Yours Sincerely,

Bill Martin, M.P.H.
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