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Dr. Shelton's New "Pearls" Web Page

Do you keep fielding the same question about a contraceptive method? 
Uncertain about a technical question?  Unsure who is eligible for a
particular contraceptive? Now is your chance to find accurate,
up-to-date information from a USAID expert at the Johns Hopkins Center
for Communication Programs special "Pearl of the Week" web page at

"Jim Shelton's Pearls"  are written by Dr. James D. Shelton, Senior
Medical Scientist, Office of Population, United States Agency for
International development (USAID).  Each poses a crucial question and
provides a clear, definitive answer.  

A new "Pearl" is featured each week. Also, you can suggest a question
that Dr. Shelton may answer in a future "Pearl."

After checking the "Pearls," feel free to take a tour of the rest of
JHU/CCP's web site, where you will find:

--   Netlinks: gateway to over 800 reproductive health and population
--   Full-text versions of recent Population Reports issues.
--   POPINFORM: POPLINE's new searchable database, and POPLINE's search
     of the month.
--   ImageBase: the Media/Materials Clearinghouse's searchable poster
--   Center Publications: Full-text reports on health communication

And much more.

Stephen Goldstein
Managing Editor, Population Reports
Center for Communication Programs
Johns Hopkins University
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