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Essential Book List - CEDHA & AHRTAG

Greetings fellow health professionals,

CEDHA and AHRTAG's essential booklist development is really taking
off. We are currently in Arusha, Tanzania discussing the process of
selection criteria in the form of a workshop for one week. So far
selection committees have been set up to cover the needs of training
institutions in various fields of the health sector. For example,
clinical officers, laboratory technicians, nurses, assistant medical
officers etc... 

We would love to hear some response in the following areas: 

1. Can anyone inform us of similar developments / initiatives in other
   `developing' countries?

2. We are establishing a network for selection of health learning 
   materials (HLMs) and health information sharing. Have you been 
   involved in such a task? How did you go about it?

On a more specific level, can anyone provide information regarding the
following subjects and books. 

3. Is there a current list of useful books on medical entomology. This
is of particular interest to one of our participants who is a medical 
   lab technologist ? 

4. A teacher of psychiatric nursing here in Tanzania using the following

  a. Mental Health for Rural Health Workers by Swift and Mental Health;
  b. Diseases in Africa by Swift & Aswat. 

  He finds them useful but asks if anyone knows of supplementary useful

5. A physiotherapist asks for people's opinions on the book "PNF in
   Practice", by Beckers, Buck and Adler

Today is the first day of our exciting workshop. Any feedback or
comments of a generalist or specific nature would be most appreciated.
It would be easier for us here if replies could be directed straight
to us at

Thank you all in advance,

Mr Lendita (CEDHA), Dr. Mboya (CEDHA) and David Curtis (AHRTAG)
Centre for Educational Development in Health Arusha (CEDHA)
P.O. Box 1162
Arusha, Tanzania
Tel:  +225-057-2217/8281/2609
Fax:  +225-057-4327
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Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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