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Contacting Ministries of Health - Africa

Can you help please? We are trying to make our systems of 
communication with Ministries of Health more effective by 
using e-Mail. We send a lot of documentation, usually, for 
Ministers, but sometimes also, for them to distribute to 
other Health officials. They don't always get there.

We believe that if we could get the e-Mail addresses of all 
Ministries of Health across Commonwealth countries, this 
would be a faster, more effective way of communicating and 
sending documentation as attachments.

The process has been very slow: we started in February 
this year and we have received about a dozen so far, 
possibly a few more now since the recent Health Ministers 
meeting in Geneva in early May.

Please, can you suggest any other way we can get these 
contacts please?  I would be most grateful for any leads you 
may have.

I also publish a quarterly newsletter which is targetted at the 
health community in Commonwealth countries. If you have 
any contacts you think would benefit from receiving a copy, 
please pass their details on to me, or pass my details on to 
them. I would be most grateful.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.



Flo Harding
Technical Support Group
Health Department
Commonwealth Secretariat
Pall Mall, LONDON SW1Y 5HX
Tel & Fax: +44 171 747 6543
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