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AFRO-NETS> FHI monograph examines gender issues in the PHN sector

FHI monograph examines gender issues in the PHN sector

Family Health International has published a 44-page booklet, "Through a
Gender Lens:  Resources for Population, Health and Nutrition Projects,"
plus a bibliography, that reviews existing models and methodologies for
incorporating gender perspectives into reproductive health programs.
Its purpose is to make preliminary recommendations and to initiate
discussion among those working in the Population, Health and Nutrition
(PHN) sector about their specific gender needs and how best to adapt
current models and methodologies to meet them.  The paper illustrates
the key ideas necessary for understanding how gender might affect PHN
projects and leads the reader to key documents that may be most useful
and most relevant to PHN work.  "Through a Gender Lens" is available on
FHI's website at <>.  Limited
copies also are available to developing country health organizations.
For more information, please contact:  Jane Rosengren, Senior Program
Officer, Family Health International, P.O. Box 13950, Research Triangle
Park, NC, 27709, USA, telephone (919) 544-7040, fax (919) 544-7261,

FAMILY HEALTH INTERNATIONAL works to improve reproductive and family
health around the world, with an emphasis on developing countries.
Concentrating on contraceptive technology and AIDS/HIV, FHI places
particular focus on gender-related issues, maternal and child health,
and integration of services. Many other  FHI publications are available
in full-text versions in English, Spanish and French on our Web site:  

Diane Lennox
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