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Malaria Research (3)

Dear Ben,

On 98/05/08 , you wrote:

>I am a high school junior and in our world studies class we are re-
>searching Africa. A partner and I are searching for ways to prevent the 
>spread of Malaria in Africa. When we came upon your web page we thought 

Sorry for the late response but I was on leave and have only just read
your message. CAB International publishes CAB HEALTH - a database
specialising in human nutrition, parasitic, communicable and tropical
diseases and medicinal plants. It provides access to abstracts of the
world's research literature from 1973 to present with coverage of
English and foreign language journals, books, research reports, patents
and standards, dissertations, conference proceedings, annual reports,
developing country information and other difficult to obtain literature.
The database cotains overt 600,000 records with 35,000 records added

[The URL for CAB HEALTH is
It however seems you have to pay to access the database. B.P. Mod]

Do let me know whether you have access to this database as it has a lot of
useful information that would help you with your research. 



Hilda Munyua
Information Specialist
Africa Regional Centre
P.O. Box 633 Village Market
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel:  +254 02 521450
Fax: +254 02 522150 or 521001

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