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AFRO-NETS> Linkage between private and public health sector (5)

Linkage between private and public health sector (5)

On 12 May, 1998, Mr. Arube-Wan wrote:

>Linkage between private and public health sector
>I am interested in the study of the nature of linkage between the pri-
>vate sector and the public health sector (or vice-versa), and the 
>(changing) role of Government in health care delivery. What should be 
>the nature of relationships, and does government have the capacity to 
>deliver? What areas could government forgo and let the private sector 
>handle, or which ones are 'sacrosanct' to central government.

In response to  your request: 

In January of this year, Family Health International's (FHI's) quarterly
health bulletin, Network, featured an article on the role of the private
sector in supporting reproductive health services.  The article, which
can be found on the FHI web site at includes a
bibliography that may be of interest to you. For those who do not have
web access, subscriptions to Network are availabe at no cost to
qualifying readers. For more information on subscriptions, interested
parties may e-mail FHI's publications coordinator at

Diane Lennox
Senior Information Programs Coordinator

AIDS/HIV/STD, family planning, reproductive health and women's studies:
FHI is a research and technical assistance organization that works to
improve reproductive health worldwide with an emphasis on the developing

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