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AFRO-NETS> Essential booklists (14)

Essential booklists (14)

On Thu, 14 May 1998 Ned Walace wrote:

>Essential booklists (13)

> Would anyone be interested in creating a book list - perhaps with pri-
> ority ranking - that could be used as a guide for medical students from 
> beyond Africa who will be taking an elective in Africa as part of their 
> medical school curriculum?  

Ned, I offer my help to create a,- lets say, "standard",- essential
book-list but this must be a co-operative work with the help of this net.

Best regards, 

Prof. GA Balint, M.D.,Ph.D.,D.Sc.
Med. Univ. of Szeged 
WHO-Expert, Szeged, Hungary.
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