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Sexual health learning materials

Search for sexual health learning materials for religious youth groups

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent information about training-
of-trainers systems to Family Health Trust, Lusaka. There was some very 
practical, useable stuff.

Second, the Family Health Trust activity book for youth, "Happy, 
Healthy and Safe" is not yet out - it's still being typeset.

Third, I hope you can help me with advice for another project: I am 
hoping to work with a group of youth from different religions (Chris-
tian, Muslim, Ba'hai) to produce a small training resource of partici-
patory learning activities for youth groups connected to churches, 
mosques, etc. on sexual and reproductive health.

Does anyone know of existing materials for this purpose? I saw a good 
pack called "Choose Life", I think, produced by Scripture Union in 
South Africa(?).

Does anyone have experience of working on sexual and reproductive 
health matters with youth groups linked to religious organisations? Any 
dos and don'ts?


Andrew Hobbs
C/o Project Concern International (Zambia)
Lusaka, Zambia
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