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AFRO-NETS> Welcome to the African Dissertation Workshop

Welcome to the African Dissertation Workshop

[Following is the welcome message to the 'African Dissertation Work-
shop'. If you are interested in this free 'virtual' workshop, register
as described below. DN Mod.]

Welcome to the African Dissertation Workshop. This initial message is 
being sent to all registered participants, and also to others who have 
made inquiries but not completed the registration. We are ready to be-
gin the "virtual" Workshop on May 18, and it will extend with active 
communication through June 5. All lecture-presentations and our inter-
actions will be conducted over the WWW.

To begin, go to the Workshop WWW home page at:

and review the open section (not password protected) identified by the 
hot link or button: "About the Course" (on the vertical button bar at 
the left side of the page).

When you are one the page "About the Workshop", there will be a button 
bar across the top with the headings "Syllabus", "Schedule", "Course 
Tools" and "Faculty". Carefully read all of this material. Note espe-
cially in Course Tools the "Tutorials" for installing and using the 
free software RealPlayer, and for accessing and using the Bulletin 
Board System. Please go to the Tutorials and follow the instructions as 
these two software tools are essential for participation in the Work-
shop. The lectures will be coming over the WWW as streaming audio files 
with synchronised slides, and our interactions will be conducted asyn-
chronously with threaded discussions on the electronic bulletin board. 
(Note: your computer setup must have a sound board for playing audio 

You will see that the actual lectures, the bulletin board and the news 
flashes cannot be accessed without a logon and password. The password 
will be e-mailed to all registered participants who contact me directly 
(not by replying to this e-mail) at:

African graduate students who have not registered yet, but are inter-
ested in participating can also contact me about the joining the Work-

PS: You can see the full offerings of the Johns Hopkins School of Pub-
lic Health Distance Education program at:

Henry Mosley 
Department of Population Dynamics
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Send mail for the `AFRO-NETS' conference to `'.
Mail administrative requests to `'.
For additional assistance, send mail to:  `'.

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