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Public Health Consultancy - Zimbabwe

Dear Colleagues,

we require external consultancy in order to evaluate the Dis-
trict Health Improvement Programme (DHIP). DHIP is a programme 
run by Manicaland and Masvingo Provinces in Zimbabwe since 
1991, supported by the German Development Service (personnel 
and administration) and financed through GTZ.

The programme is in its second (and final) phase and requires 
external evaluation by around June-August 1998.

DHIP is a combination of integrated personnel and financial 
support to health services at provincial and district level in 
the above mentioned provinces.

The required person should have a background in Public Health 
and experience in Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and Do-
nor (co-)operations in Zimbabwe. If you are interested, please 

Mike Adelhardt <> 
to discuss further details.

Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards,

Mike Adelhardt
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