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Essential booklists (8)

Dear Colleagues:

As far as I can consider, my suggestion namely that Goodman-Gilman's 
Pharmacology should be inserted into the essential book-list, caused a 
pretty nice "storm".

Working more than six years in so-called "developing countries" 
(Uganda: Makerere University, Kampala, - Ethiopia: Addis Ababa Univer-
sity) I maintain my opinion, that Goodman-Gilman should be on the list 
because I know it from my experiences that the university students as 
well, as the freshly graduated young colleagues are willing to pay for 
a really good textbook even if the price is high. (No doubt it is, even 
for us here in Eastern-Europe!) But on the other hand: quality first.

I have another suggestion too: WHO has published (Action Programme on 
Essential Drugs) a good and cheap book which deals with a certain part 
of pharmacology: "Guide to Good Prescribing". It is a practical manual 
which can be used for self-study or as part of a formal training.

One more request:
Where can I get a copy of the mentioned Nepalese pharmacology book?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards to all of you,

Prof. GA Balint, M.D.,Ph.D.,D.Sc.
Med. Univ. of Szeged 
WHO-Expert, Szeged, Hungary.

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