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Public Private Mix Research Network

An invitation to join an international research network studying the 
public/private mix in developing country health care.

Private health care financing and provision plays an increasingly im-
portant role in health systems in low and middle income countries. 
Whilst it may be possible to draw private players into health care pro-
vision in ways that enable the achievement of national health policy 
goals, there is also evidence that their uncontrolled expansion can 
have substantial negative consequences for the achievement of these 
goals. It is, therefore, critically important for national policy-
makers to understand the factors influencing market behaviour in order 
to institute policy frameworks which ensure that they contribute to, 
rather than, undermine these goals. 

The primary objectives of the Public Private Mix Research Collaboration 
Network (PPMnet) are as follows:

- To share across countries research results in order to maximise the
  potential for policy impact.
- To provide intellectual support through networking across countries
  to the limited number of researchers working on these key issues.
- To generate specific policy lessons, and consequent regulatory or
  other governmental initiatives that maximise the contribution of the
  private sector to public health goals.

PPMnet intends to achieve these objectives by, amongst other activi-
ties, the facilitation of an electronic discussion forum for research-
ers, policy makers, and other interested parties.

Who should join the discussion forum? Anyone who is:

- researching private sector health care, or the interaction between
  state and private sector health institutions;
- a policy maker dealing with public private interface issues such as
  contracting, regulation of providers or insurers, etc.
- Funding or commissioning research in related areas; 
- Teaching or studying health care financing;
in relation to low and middle income countries.

Founder members come mainly from health economics and/or financing 
backgrounds, but people from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds 
would be most welcome. While the discussion forum has been designed 
primarily to address public-private mix issues in developing countries, 
participation by developed country researchers and policy makers would 
be most welcome. 

Interested persons can join the discussion forum by :

- Visiting our website at:

and completing the on-line registration form.

- Sending a message to:
leaving the subject field blank, and adding the text:
subscribe ppmnet <your name>
to the body text. No other text should appear in the message.

PPMnet is currently co-ordinated by the Centre for Health Policy at the 
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and is funded by the 
European Union, Directorate-General XII, Contract No. IC18 CT97-0235.

If you would like any more information regarding PPMnet, please send 
queries to:

Dr R Neil Soderlund
Centre for Health Policy
P.O. Box 1038 Johannesburg, 2000
South Africa
Tel: +27-11-489-9883
Fax: +27-11-489-9900>

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