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AFRO-NETS> Water and Sanitation Seminar Announcement

Water and Sanitation Seminar Announcement

Seminar on Water and Sanitation Technologies for the Developing Countries

June 8 - 11, 1998
Lineville, Alabama, USA

Three and a half day seminar on WATER AND SANITATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR
THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES to be held at SIFAT (Galilee Campus) in
Lineville, Alabama, USA, June 8 - 11, 1998.  The seminar is designed to
provide the basic skills needed by those promoting access to clean,
affordable water supplies and healthy sanitation conditions within the
context of a holistic, participatory approach to Third World, community

Topics to be covered during seminar include: water quality, health
issues, water-borne disease vectors, latrine design, water pumps, and
water purification systems.  Please inquire about fee requirements as
registration fee will be charged to cover cost of food, housing, and
other expenses.  Individual income and need will be taken into

For additional information contact:
Franklin Griffin
SIFAT Water and Sanitation Co-ordinator
2944 Co. Rd. 113
Lineville, AL 36266, USA

Tel: +1-256-396-2015
Fax: +1-256-396-2501
mailto:Franklin Griffin <>

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