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AFRO-NETS> 20th African Health Sciences Congress

20th African Health Sciences Congress


19 - 23 April, 1999
Accra, Ghana

incorporating the
20th Anniversary Celebration of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for 
Medical Research

organised by the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research 
(NMIMR), Accra, Ghana, in collaboration with Africa Forum for Health 
Sciences (AFHES)

The African Forum for Health Sciences (AFHES) is a non-governmental or-
ganisation (NGO) whose objectives are to promote health research and 
networking in Africa. Organisation of the African Health Sciences Con-
gress (AHSC) has been one of AFHES annual activities since its founding 
in 1994. The 19th AHSC was convened in Arusha, Tanzania. The 20th Con-
gress is being organised by the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical 
Research (NMIMR) in collaboration with AFHES in Accra, Ghana in 1999.

The NMIMR co-organisers of the 1999 Congress, is a semi-autonomous In-
stitute of the University of Ghana with a mandate to research on health 
problems in support of programmes for the control of communicable dis-
eases and malnutrition in Ghana. It is involved in research in EPI re-
lated diseases, malaria HIV, onchocerciasis, schistosomiasis, filaria-
sis, diarrhoea diseases and nutritional problems. The Institute is also 
a WHO collaborating centre for training in poliomyelitis and yellow fe-
ver diagnostics.

Congress Scientific Programme
The theme for the Congress will be "Health Research and Development in 
Africa: Meeting the Challenges of the year 2000 and beyond". There will 
be State-of-the-Art lectures on the following:

- Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases 
- Major Tropical Endemic Diseases 
- Urbanisation and Environmental Health 
- Nutrition/Micronutrient Deficiencies 
- Information Technology (IT) and Health Development 
- Plant/Natural Medicinal Products 
- Health Sector Reform 

Free communication as either oral or poster presentation will also be 
discussed during plenary scientific sessions. All accepted abstracts 
will be published in Proceedings of the Congress.

It is envisaged that Congress participants will come from Africa and 
beyond. Participants will include researchers, funding agencies, NGOs, 
health workers, policy and decision makers, the mass media and all 
other interest groups.

Exhibitions will be mounted on laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals 
and other health products. The Congress Book of Programmes and Ab-
stracts will also carry advertisements. Due to limited space for exhi-
bitions and adverts interested parties should contact the Congress Sec-
retariat as soon as possible.

Social Events
Information on social events will be provided in the second announce-

Key Dates to Note
Requests for the second announcement, registration and abstract forms 
should be received by August 31, 1998. Abstracts should reach the Sec-
retariat by December 31, 1998.

Congress Secretariat:

20th African Health Science Congress
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
PO Box 25, Legon, GHANA
Tel: +233-21-500-374
Fax: +233-21-502-182

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